Learn Your AB(D)C’s

AB(D)C – Always Be Drinking Champagne

For many, champagne is reserved only for toasts and special occasions. I am on a personal mission to change that mind set. There are few things greater in life than an ice cold flute of bubbles. Why you ask should you drink more champagne or sparkling wine?

- First off, you don’t need to spend a hundred dollars on the real deal French champagne. Instead try a bubbly from one of California’s great sparkling wine producers like Schramsberg, Iron Horse or Roederer Estate. All have sensational bottles that can be purchased in the $18-$30 range. Also look for inexpensive cremants from Burgundy, prosecco from Italy and for something really different, a sparkling shiraz from Australia.

- Bubbly is an extremely versatile pairing with a wide range of foods.  A hearty rose can even stand up to red meats! Personally, I think the Roederer Estate Rose is the ultimate companion to everything from mussels to a cheeseburger to a a full Thanksgiving meal.

- Sparkling wine is festive – make every gathering a special one, whether your making a quick dinner at home or celebrating at Gary Danko. Nothing like the sound of a cork popping.  And if you really want to be festive, check out how to saber a bottle to open in grand fashion.

Never A Wrong Time For Bubbly